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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 22, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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two major stories impacting the region tonight. the safety o f metro. investigators are looking into june's deadly crash and protecting the public. the fbi is warning police about the terrorists to attack where american's con gait. good evening. we begin with the latest on an expanded terrorism warning. still no word of a specific threat, but authorities sent out a memo warning of terrorists to attack public places. jackie benefitson joins us where there was a game and a lot of security. >> reporter: there is a lot of security here every game night. officials say bar iring a specic threat, it's not going to change. there are two communications.
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one where terrorist groups view stadiums as potential targets. the al qaeda training manual calls them places of amusement and morality a sin. security carefully examines the bags of everyone who entered. they do it for every game. >> i think that do a good job. they have learned lessons from 9/11. >> i'm a scared mother. i worry about his safety and my safety. >> reporter: the national football league weighed in saying it underscores the high levels of security that will be maintained a every game for the safety of fans and teams. luxury hotels could be targets because it attracts v.i.p.s.
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limos are allowed. the transit agency says any perceived increase in security is a result of enhancements after 9/11. >> we are not going to implement bag searches. we spend a great deal of time in the system. if they see anything of concern, they take steps to investigate it further. >> reporter: the new york plot involves conces about backpack bombs on the subway. back to you. >> thank you. federal counter terrorism officials are telling police departments to be on the look youth for terrorist activity. >> a teenager accused of hording
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50 pounds of weapons and bomb makinging materials goes back to federal court tomorrow. a lawyer for the 19-year-old says the teen will plead guilty to processing a destructive device. a grand jury indicted him last year. he had a fake cia badge and map of camp david in his room. his client never intended to hurt anyone. he faces up to 10 years in prison and $100 fib for the explosives charges. a man was trying to cross route 50 when he was hit by a car tonight. the driver stayed on the scene and is cooperating. the victim's identity hasn't been released yet. they tried to piece together exactly what happened. it was a wild scene when a
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police officer tried to stop two people instead of stoppingthey jumped into a car and drove toward the officer. the officer opened fire on the vehicle, which eventually crashed. the two men inside got away on foot. police aren't sure whether either were hit by the bullet. the officer is okay. the top health official made a stop to talk to george mason university students. they will be the first to receive the h1n1 advocate sooen when it comes out next month. kathleen sebelius said the flu can spread quickly in students in dorms and apartments. they should not take it lightly. >> healthy kids are at risk with this flu. it targeted the young and
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invincible college students are likely to be targets for the flu. >> students at george mason university tested positive for the swine flu. in fairfax, people got the chance to ask questions about the swine flu and get their answers in person. there are three other flu meetings schedules for this month. a list of safety recommendations as part of the investigation into the june metro crash that killed nine people. there are nine new recommendations from the safety board for metro and the circuit manufacture. they consider six of them to be urgent. the concerns center around the safety of the trains on the track. jane is at metro headquarters
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with more on this. hi, jane. >> reporter: hi. they are stopping short of the exact charge. they failed to detect a train on the track moments before the crash occurred. three months before the crash, they want metro officials to inspect the safety. they will not say what caused one train to slam into the other. it failed to defect a stopped train and urged metro to eliminate conditions that affect the safety of the control syem. the manager says his agency has already taken safety steps. >> operating a manual mode. we are running an analysis. if we detect problems with the circuits themselves, we put that section of the track into absolute block and go out and
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make immediate adjustments. >> reporter: the crash killed nine people and injured over 80. they have been investigating what went wrong and holding news conferences or issuing late statements. the chairman said our findings, so far, ipd kate a pressing need for the recommendations to address glitches that could lead to another accident. metro rider reactions are missed. >> i don't feel like there's a problem. i don't feel in danger. i feel i would be more in danger if i drive-through d.c. every day. >> i'm not sure if feel safe. i don't really have an opinion on it. >> reporter: it would only answer a handful of questions about the latest findings. they are ensuring the public, safety comes first.
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>> we are constantly monitoring the system. we are in the process with the manufacture of developing a realtime monitoring system. >> reporter: they have two federal departments who advice railroads and rail operators about the system. back to you. >> okay. thank you. still to come tonight, remember this? >> dude one more time -- >> we'll tell you about the new development in the bizarre confrontation between the skateboarder and police officer. some relief in sight for people in georgia dealing with homes and roadways under water. bob, how about our weather? >> we've had a lot of weather.
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>> coming up in sports, redskins linebacker trying to make amends for his twitters mistake. the orioles trying to stop a losing
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arlington county police -- it happened this morning in the 3800 block near north glee road. investigators are trying to figure out whether the iphone slasher is linked to a ser reese of incidents that happened over the years. they approached students more than a dozen times to show pornographic images. after today's incident, they sent a note home today warning parents about what happened. >> i realized he was fiddling with his zipper and pulling himself together.
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we are on the lookout for him. our kids all know, you run, you scream, you don't talk. >> arlington police are investigating a similar incident that happened a week ago. a man exposed himself to a girl walking home from school. dramatic video where a child escaped the path of an out of control car. a security camera capture d the images. a car suddenly came out of nowhere. an unbelievably close call. the child was not injured. driving with a suspended license, the car crashed into poles in front of the store and went up and over the child before hitting the building. still to come tonight, police officers serving a warrant turn a drug bust into a day at the arcade. it's all caught on camera. a former nfl star shot himself.
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bob is
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sit down. i'm not a dude. >> remember this? the lawsuit stemming from this video that went viral after it was posted on youtube has been thrown out. this police officer was seen yelling at a 14-year-old after
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he was put in a head lock. it stemmed from bush not hearing the officers demands to stop skateboarding. there were no criminal charges. the teen's family file add civil suit. the trial was supposed to start october 1. court records show the judge dismissed the case. a lawyer told them the family is incredibly disappointed. it was like a day at the arcade rather than a drug bust for security officers. they caught the officers playing wii bowling for nine hours as some officers searched the home for drugs and weapons. others were keeping score and got excited the better they got at the game. 16 detectives called the game. the sheriff called it embarrassing. >> it doesn't please me.
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what pleases me lez less is the supervision. >> at least one supervisor joined in on the game. they have launched an internal investigation. placid burris begins his sentence today for carrying a loaded gun into a new york city nightclub. he shot himself in the thigh when the gun went off. he apologized to his family and cried as hi kissed his pregnant wife and young son good-bye. he plans to play in the nfl after he serves his time. the death toll for the flooding in georgia reached nine. the latest victim was swept from her car in the thunderstorms. the flood waters recede. residents are homeless.
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people are people told to boil their water. georgia's governor is asking president obama to declare a state of emergency there. people in southeastern tennessee are coping with flooding. several major roads are closed. residents are trying to save their belongings. residents of a retirement center had to be evacuated. some of the pictures are dramatic. >> torrential rains and almost all the fataties, folks who drove through moving water in their cars. yesterday and today, the people who died were drowning from getting into flooding waters. outside for us, for tonight, we have had a few sprinkles. they have been widely scattered. a little color out there beginning to show up, especially in the dogwoods and the low lying areas. our temperature outside, 73
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degrees and rainfall. to get an idea of what the folks in georgia had to deal with that caused the torrential rainsnd flash flooding. when you get rains like this, 21 inches in marietta. it's more than anybody has ever seen in their lifetime. some folks indeed, drive-through areas that 99% of the time, they think they can get through. exceptional rains like this, you can't. look at the temperatures now. our high, 81. 84 in atlanta. 73 right now and the dew point is still humid to the south. you can see that overall pattern and there's more and more indication. we tend to get the overall circulation that gets separated from the overall flow in the atmosphere and sit there and cause the terrible, terrible floods. atlanta itself, about eight
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inches. on the dry side of the pattern, less than a half inch of rain for the month. in and around us, nothing going on. look at what's been going on in the south. the areas under flood warnings in atlanta, fortunately, the latest batch of rains in mississippi. as they continue to move more to the north, they are going to be missing georgia. marietta, look at how much rain has fallen for the month, 21 inches. new orleans, 11 inches. more moisture for us. cloudiness, rains to the north. scattered showers. there you can see mississippi, alabama, georgia as we go into thursday and friday. there might be scattered showers, no more torrential, slow moving rainstorms. we may see breaks in the clouds.
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because of the south to southwesterly wind, the humidity is around. still, a lot of clouds. the sun is lower and lower in the skies. temperatures tomorrow in the low 80s. a bit above average. a chance for passing showers thursday. after that, northwesterly winds. dry saturday, weekend sort of fallish. next monday and tuesday, temperatures in the 50s in the morning. >> that sounds like more than fallish. >> it will feel like it. coming up, the unusual greeting as the exile spiritual leader begins in the u.s. the redskins linebacker who drew the wrath of fans with his
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it is baseball and more bad news for the washington nationals. seven runs in the fourth inning, six in the seventh. it's part of what the dodgers did tonight. it's going to be near impossible for the nationals to avoid losing their 100th game. following the dodgers, 14-2. let's go to the nats park. adam dunn, one of the few bright spots. hits it deep in the right field. the nationals take a 2-1 lead. he's two homers shy of his sixth consecutive 40-run campaign. that was it. hernandez didn't have it.
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dodgers tied it at 2. bases loaded. slaps a single to left. ronnie tries to score from second. josh williams gets away. not in position to make the play. dodgers pour it on. they beat the nationals, 14-2. orioles manager dave trembley trying to stop a skit. hits down the first baseline. off the bag. aubrey scores. watch this. taking advantage. slides in for the double. 5th of the season. 0s were up, 5-2. in the bottom of the 11th, a gap in right center. jose batista comes around from the first. the orioles blew their sixth in
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a row. the redskins played thomas on injured reserve. they chose to use the spot to bring back anthony aldridge whose speed they were impressed with. henson shut down his twitter account. he tweeted angry fans and called them dim wits. he apologized yesterday. today, was giving back to a cause that hits home for him. today, he attended a scheduled event helping more than 40 burn survivors. he attended the burn camp. it's very close to robert henson, he lost a 5-year-old brother in 1995. he told his personal story. he wanted to focus on the task at hand, and apologized, again, for tweeting rudely to the fans.
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>> to let people know, this is robert henson here. the mistake i made on twitter, it's just that, it's in the past. this is robert henson. this is how i carry myself day-to-day. again, i apologize for it. i don't want to take anything away from this opportunity i have here. >> robert henson making a lot of news for that twitter account he shut down. redskins on the field start iin for their starting rank guard. still to
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two boaters were hurt after an unusual accident. one of the boaters needed to be rescued. she was pulled from the water by a passing boat. the driver was found walking around the backyard of a palm beach home. they were taken to the hospital. smokers can no longer buy candy in flavors. the move was ordered to help cut back on teenagers who pick up the habit. 17-year-old's use flavored cigarettes more often than adults over 25. the ban allows the federal
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government to regulate tobacco. some interesting new findings in a study about alcohol and head injuries. doctors in los angeles study patients who were drinking and involved in accident. people with alcohol in their blood were more likely to survive head injuries. they said these findings may lead to studies to determine giving a
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for many, a chance to meet an international spiritual leader is a somber occasion. the mayor of tennessee had a different amoch. >> i've always wanted to say, hello, dolly. he gave him a fist bump. he heard the dalai lama had a sense of humor. he was right. he laughed along with everybody else. that's it for us.


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